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Today I Watched is a web series/podcast hosted by Erik J Skinner.

Every episode takes a quick look at a movie, tv show, comedy special, or other thing that can be watched. (Mostly pro wrestling)

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May 20, 2017

Today I watched WWE 2017 Week 20 aired May 15-19 and included Raw 1251, SmackDown 926, 205 Live 25, Main Event 242, NXT 392, the 5/19 UK Championship Special and WWE 24: Finn Balor. I didn't watch any Mid-South Wrestling this week since there was already way too much to watch! Highlights for this week: Tyler Bate vs Mark Andrews, a new episode of Fashion Files: Fashionable Intent, an enlightening interview with Asuka, and a presentation by Erick Rowan on Talking Smack. What do you think/want/hope will happen at NXT TakeOver Chicago and Backlash?